Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America


With its innovative data analysis capabilities, ACL software gives HLR America’s auditors the ability to manage risk, identify costly overpayments, and enjoy the business assurance that comes with full data coverage.

Fundação CESP


The ACL Data Analysis solution has enabled FCESP auditors to implement a data monitoring system to mitigate serious business risks and apply powerful analytics to its audit schedule.

American Automobile Association of Northern California, Nevada & Utah

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ACL Training and Consulting Promotes Full-Coverage Data Monitoring at AAA

Insurance Applications

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ACL has compiled a few example usage scenarios specific for Insurance needs.

Fidelity National Financial

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The FNF Audit Services Department successfully applied ACL analytics for auditing direct title operations, agency title operations, and the wide-ranging corporate function.

RLI Insurance

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The RLI audit group implemented ACL technology and worked closely with ACL’s expert support services to effectively access files, scrub data, develop extracts and analyze results.

John Hancock Life Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad

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John Hancock auditors chose the ACL Data Analysis solution to develop repeatable analytics for a user-friendly application to compare claims data from separate computer platforms, generate exception reports, and select samples for further testing.

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

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Repeatable audit testing capabilities Early identification of errors such as duplicate payments Better understanding of business risks