Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp July 2017: How To Import Excel Source Data Into ACL Analytics


In this Bootcamp webinar, we will be walking you through how to define and import your data into ACL manually and by scripting, using an Excel file as an example.

Analytics Success Plan: Premium Subscription Add-On

Jumpstart your analytics goals, get direct access to ACL experts and instill advanced expertise into your program and people — year after year.

Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp May 2017: Basic Usage of ACL Analytics


In this one-hour webinar, we’ll show you how to get started with ACL Analytics.

Data-driven audit management at Kohler Co.

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Scott Feltner, vice president of internal audit at Kohler Co., shares how the ACL Platform has allowed the team to extend their risk coverage by 20%, uncover $600,000 in duplicate payments in just one single month test, and establish stronger financial controls. Watch the 3-minute video to hear Scott's full story.

ACL 303 Scripting

In this three-day course, you will learn how to use ACL Analytics functions and scripts to gain new insight into your data and do more in less time.

ACL 201 Applications

This two-day course is a practical application of ACL™ Analytics, designed for users who want to use ACL™ Analytics more effectively in real-life situations.

ACL 101 Foundations

This three-day course is a comprehensive introduction to ACL™ Analytics, designed for new and beginner users who want to learn the concepts and features needed to start using ACL™ Analytics.

Demo: ACL Data Connectors + R & Python Integration + Connector for BI & Visualization tools


A look at how ACL integrates with all the other tools you're using as part of your analytics ecosystem — via 15 direct data connectors, integration with R and Python, and connectors for any BI and visualization tool.

Data-driven enterprise risk management at Equinix

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An interview with Equinix on how they're using ACL's enterprise risk management solution to enable their vision of cross-functional collaboration.

Data-driven audit management at Macsteel

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The audit team at Macsteel is one of more than 14,000 GRC teams who rely on ACL to make their day more PRODUCTIVE, more VALUABLE and more FUN.

Travel & Entertainment Expense Compliance

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Enforce compliance, reduce the time-suck of email follow-up, and get oversight with monitoring and automated escalation to prevent expensive and embarrassing violations.

Data-Driven Audit Management at Australia Post

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The audit team at Australia Post is one of more than 14,000 teams who rely on ACL to make their day more PRODUCTIVE, more VALUABLE and more FUN.

Webinar: Questionnaire Templates Advanced Series – Completing the “Magic Loop” of data

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This is part two in a two-part series, Completing the "Magic Loop" of data. In part one we showed you the power of Results Manager and how you can use our questionnaire templates to make surveying even easier.

ACL Results Manager Lite


Learn more about ACL™ Results Manager Lite, our easy-to-use collaborative app, in this Capabilities Sheet.

Sharing results from ACL Analytics using ACL Results Manager

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Let's talk about integrating ACL Analytics with ACL GRC. Specifically, sharing the results of your analysis from ACL to Results Manager.

Mineral Mining Company prevents theft and fraud with ACL Analytics


This Mineral Mining Company operates a mineral mine in Africa with 13,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding US $1 billion and uses ACL solutions for crime prevention and classified operations.

Demo: ACL Analytics


Watch a demo of ACL Analytics, a component of the ACL platform.

ACL Direct Link™ for SAP® ERP & SAP CRM


Establish autonomy from your overburdened IT team with ACL™ Direct Link, an easy-to-use SAP-Certified data extraction add-on for ACL™ Analytics and ACL™ Analytics Exchange.

Corvelle Consulting

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ACL Analytics Exchange Enables Cost-Effective, Targeted Compliance Monitoring

ACL Results Manager

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ACL offers an easy-to-use collaborative app to centrally, securely and efficiently interact with any stakeholder. View our capability sheet outlining our automated workflow remediation solution to 8 pains to learn more.

Customer Advice on Buying Software

ACL customers give their advice on how to build a business case for buying GRC software.

ACL ScriptHub: pre-written scripts + your creativity = simple. data analytics

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You can significantly expand your data analysis capabilities even if you do not possess advanced scripting skills by using ACL’s innovative ScriptHub – a library of pre-built analytic code snippets.

Webinar Tutorial: Analysis Apps Tips and Techniques

Analysis Apps is a powerful feature in ACL Analytics 11 that provides a simple user interface with data visualization and sharing of analytics.

Risk Assurance Dashboard: Objectively quantify your risks

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Wish your system would automatically keep a cumulative risk assurance score over the course of your risk evaluation activities? Learn more in this short video.

Case Study with Equinix: Managing Compliance

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In this customer case study, Nilisha Agrawal, GRC Program Manager, talks about how data-driven ACL GRC has helped streamline and strengthen compliance programs at Equinix.

Data-Driven GRC


A quick snapshot of ACL's end-to-end GRC solution.

Risk-Based Auditing | 2 min demo

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Learn how to use ACL to enable smart planning to assess the most strategic risks threatening your objectives, assign appropriate resources and define audit scope.

Order-to-Cash Applications

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ACL has an extensive library of analytic tests to help you uncover critical control exposures within the O2C cycle.

Tutorial: Extend Your Analytics and Turbocharge Results Management


View this second part in a two-part webinar series where Adrian Poon (Manager, Customer Success, ACL) & Kevin Legere (Product Designer, ACL) will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started with ACL Results Manager.

Lead your Department’s Analytics Department


In this empowering session, ACL experts use the example of T&E split transaction analysis to illustrate how you can push the analytics you develop right into your colleagues’ Microsoft Excel.

What ACL Analytics Can Do For You: ROI Survey Findings


ACL shares the results of our survey of Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives to see what they think about what ACL analytics can do for you!

Audit Analytics – ACL Analytics | 1 min demo

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Have a minute to spare? Check out this one minute demo of ACL Analytics and learn how to make Audit Analytics work for you!

2014 Grand Prize Winner of the ACL Impact Awards – The National Audit Department of Malaysia

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Learn how ACL helped the National Audit of Malaysia verify USD150 Billion worth of financial transactions for Malaysia’s state and federal accounts using ACL Analytics and ACL Exchange.

FCPA: Practical Steps for Compliance and Control

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In this webinar, our experts will outline best practices for incorporating analytics into your FCPA compliance program, and offer real-world success stories and key lessons learned.

Analytics Revolution

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Customers review what they like best about ACL's latest data analysis software tools and the new bonus features, including Results Cloud, ScriptHub, and ACL Academy. Unleash previously-impossible levels of insight into risks and opportunities…and put your work in an executive context.

First Impressions of Analytics 11: Australia Post


“Being able to visualize the results will make a huge difference to how management sees the information and analysis that we’re providing.”– James Hiller, Internal Audit Manager, Australia Post

First Impressions of Analytics 11: Self Regional Healthcare

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Senior Internal Auditor Anna Cuson had a preview of our upcoming September releases at the recent Connections customer conference.

CHAN Healthcare Auditors


Business Assurance Through Targeted Data Analysis

Bon Secours Health System, Inc.


Flexible Data Analysis for a Dynamic Industry

CPFL Energia


ACL Solutions Support Continuous Auditing

BNP Paribas

Managing Global Risk and Compliance with ACL

FCPA Compliance: Practical Steps to Establish and Maintain Control


In this webinar, ACL’s Phil Lim and BKD, LLP’s Jeremy Clopton outline best practices for incorporating analytics into your FCPA compliance program, and offer real-world success stories and key lessons learned.

Caesars Entertainment


Caesars Navigates Rapid Corporate Growth with ACL Data Analytics

RLI Insurance

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The RLI audit group implemented ACL technology and worked closely with ACL’s expert support services to effectively access files, scrub data, develop extracts and analyze results.

Spreadsheets: A High-Risk Tool for Data Analysis

Read this white paper to learn more about the risks of using spreadsheets for your data analytics.