Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp July 2017: How To Import Excel Source Data Into ACL Analytics


In this Bootcamp webinar, we will be walking you through how to define and import your data into ACL manually and by scripting, using an Excel file as an example.

Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp May 2017: Basic Usage of ACL Analytics


In this one-hour webinar, we’ll show you how to get started with ACL Analytics.

ACL Interpretive Visual Remediation: Innovation in Internal Control Management

GRC 20/20 has recognized ACL Interpretive Visual Remediation with a 2015 GRC Innovation Award for technical innovation in Internal Control Management.

ACL ScriptHub: Innovation in Automated Controls Architecture

GRC 20/20 has recognized ACL ScriptHub with a 2015 GRC Innovation Award for technical innovation in Automated Controls Architecture

The ACL Data Analysis Capability Model

This paper provides an introduction to the Data Analysis Capability Model and help organizations build a roadmap for increasing analytics testing throughout their fraud detection activities.

Automating Fraud Detection: The Essential Guide

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Through a discussion of typical frauds, detection processes and tests, this eBook will show you how to achieve results by applying data analysis software in key business areas.

Auditing and the SAP Environment


Join Steve Biskie and Phil Lim, Product Manager at ACL, in a discussion about the best practices in applying data analytics in an SAP environment from a risk, audit, or compliance perspective.

Building the Business Case for Data Analytics


This e-book will help you build a business case to get started with data analytics or expand your current program.

7 Steps to Tackle Fraud Using Data Analytics

Follow these 7 Steps of how to use data analytics to find fraudulent activity within your organization