Webinar: Declutter your internal controls monitoring…Identifying red flags only matters if you do something about them

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Learn from practitioners at Faurecia and DAA about the different techniques they use in their risk and control monitoring program to monitor hundreds of key controls and effectively manage resolutions to give the business greater confidence.

Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp July 2017: How To Import Excel Source Data Into ACL Analytics


In this Bootcamp webinar, we will be walking you through how to define and import your data into ACL manually and by scripting, using an Excel file as an example.

Predictive Analytics: An Essential Tool for Today’s CFO


Learn the 3 concrete areas where CFOs can access data and apply predictive models to gain insight and make better decisions to help drive the business forward.

Webinar: ACDA Bootcamp May 2017: Basic Usage of ACL Analytics


In this one-hour webinar, we’ll show you how to get started with ACL Analytics.

Don’t Get Stung by the UK Bribery Act

Get tips for building your data analytic strategy and assuring your organisation's compliance.

Always On: How Data Analytics and Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Are Evolving


Read this e-Book on continuous auditing and monitoring produced by Compliance Week with contributions by ACL.

7 Steps to Tackle Fraud Using Data Analytics

Follow these 7 Steps of how to use data analytics to find fraudulent activity within your organization