How to Combat Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Focus on Government Programs

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In this eBook, we’ll look at how technology can make a real difference in the ongoing challenge of keeping fraud, waste and abuse under control across a variety of government areas.

Government Entitlement Oversight

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Ensure the integrity of your disbursements and stop improper payments. Read the solution brief now.

Webinar: Prevent your taxes from going to Fraudsters


In this webinar Jeremy Clopton, Director in the Forensics & Valuation Services division of BKD, LLP and Scott Robinson, Account Executive - Public Sector at ACL have a candid discussion how cross-matching, data analysis and continuous monitoring are used to support the integrity of entitlement programs and to fight against fraud, waste and abuse in the Public Sector.

Unemployment Insurance Integrity

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Protect your agency’s wallet and reputation by reducing improper UI payments. Review this Solution Brief to learn more.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (Public sector – US)

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This 18-page eBook explores how government departments can leverage specialized risk and control analytics from ACL.