Expert Advice: How Equinix built a business case for integrated risk management


An interview with Equinix's VP of Finance Rod Verhulp & Sr. GRC Program Manager Nilisha Agrawal on how Equinix achieved the vision of cross-functional enterprise risk management on the collaborative ACL platform.

The Finance Leader’s Guide to Balancing Risk and Performance


In this new ebook, we’ll share with you the finance leader’s guide to understanding the natural gaps in your ERP system—and the specific actions you can take to grab risk by the scruff of the neck so you can focus on maximizing performance.

Supply Chain Oversight: Purchase-to-Pay Monitoring

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Review this ACL Solution Brief to learn how to shine the light on your P2P process and reveal the truth with data, and connect stakeholders through a central platform for end-to-end oversight.

Conduct Risk, Ethics & Risk Culture Compliance Management

Use technology to better shape the behaviour of your organisation to get an A on your regulator’s scorecard. Review this solution brief to learn more.

Shining a Spotlight on Supply Chain Risk Management

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL, explains how compliance officers can create stable and effective supply chains.

How to Combat Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Focus on Government Programs

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In this eBook, we’ll look at how technology can make a real difference in the ongoing challenge of keeping fraud, waste and abuse under control across a variety of government areas.

Government Entitlement Oversight

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Ensure the integrity of your disbursements and stop improper payments. Read the solution brief now.

Be Proactive with BCBS 239 (Basel Committee)

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Use data-driven techniques to improve risk aggregation, reporting, management and oversight across the organization for operational banking risk. Review this solution brief to learn more.

Unemployment Insurance Integrity

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Protect your agency’s wallet and reputation by reducing improper UI payments. Review this Solution Brief to learn more.