Webinar: Benchmarking Banking Risks: Mitigate Threats and Pinpoint Opportunities

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Brian Chung and Robert Luu share how risk professionals within the banking sector can leverage publicly available risk information to help pinpoint opportunities to drive the business forward and guide business decision-making.

Risk & control monitoring at Siemens Financial Services, Inc.

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An interview with Jason Gross, CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, ACDA, vice president of controls management, Siemens Financial Services, Inc, on how they're using the ACL Platform to gain better control over financial and operating controls, improve consistency in their continuous controls monitoring program, and gain better insights into their data.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on the ACL Platform

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Third-party research shows ACL customer achieves 402% ROI using the ACL Platform ACL provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management software for assessing risk, executing projects, continuously monitoring data, managing process documentation, and creating reports and dashboards for business visibility. While it’s easy to understand the value in the [...]

Data-driven enterprise risk management at Equinix

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An interview with Equinix on how they're using ACL's enterprise risk management solution to enable their vision of cross-functional collaboration.

Webinar: The Analytics you Need to Manage Reputational Risk


Damage to an organization’s reputation can have a direct impact on its bottom line, ability to grow and, in some instances, the ability to continue as an organization.

Conduct Risk, Ethics & Risk Culture Compliance Management

Use technology to better shape the behaviour of your organisation to get an A on your regulator’s scorecard. Review this solution brief to learn more.

Bootcamp Webinar: Make your data analytics visual and actionable

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Tune in to this webinar with the GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 to see what he has to say about the current governance, risk and compliance trends, and why they recently awarded ACL Interpretive Visual Remediation with the GRC Innovation Award in the Internal Control Management category.

Be Proactive with BCBS 239 (Basel Committee)

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Use data-driven techniques to improve risk aggregation, reporting, management and oversight across the organization for operational banking risk. Review this solution brief to learn more.

Mastering Risk with “Data Driven GRC”

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Integrating Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Processes to Deliver Transformational Value

Fine-tune your audit, risk and compliance programs

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In this webinar featuring Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst at Forrester, you will learn how to find efficiency and strengthen oversight in your audit, risk and compliance programs program with a more practical approach to collecting and analyzing data.

Case Study with Equinix: Managing Compliance

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In this customer case study, Nilisha Agrawal, GRC Program Manager, talks about how data-driven ACL GRC has helped streamline and strengthen compliance programs at Equinix.

Adding Value with ACL GRC

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We asked the Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives using ACL GRC what they thought about the decision to implement our audit, risk and compliance management solution in their organization.

Auditing and the SAP Environment


Join Steve Biskie and Phil Lim, Product Manager at ACL, in a discussion about the best practices in applying data analytics in an SAP environment from a risk, audit, or compliance perspective.