Webinar: How a university audit team became the senior management’s trusted advisors


When it comes to building a relationship, first impressions matter. Getting a foot in the door for management approval on new technology is no different. When the audit team at Cornell University embarked on the journey to implement continuous assurance they took a different approach to the conversation and emphasized one key message: be timely and relevant.

Webinar: Declutter your internal controls monitoring…Identifying red flags only matters if you do something about them

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Learn from practitioners at Faurecia and DAA about the different techniques they use in their risk and control monitoring program to monitor hundreds of key controls and effectively manage resolutions to give the business greater confidence.

Webinar: The Evolution of IT Risk and Compliance… Creating a Sustainable Program in a Changing World

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Organizations must be vigilant in mitigating threats that could expose sensitive data, endanger their reputation, and negatively impact revenues and operations. The threats and compliance regulations can seem exponential and overwhelming, challenging companies to implement risk and compliance programs that are both pragmatic and sustainable.

Webinar: Vision to Reality: How a City Finance team built in continuous controls monitoring

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Providing assurance that internal controls are working shouldn’t wait for a costly annual audit. Finding the right balance between process controls and efficiency is key.

Webinar: How to move up the risk value chain

How relevant are you to your company's strategic risk agenda?

Webinar: 6 Ways to Make the Burden of Compliance Suck Less


Are you struggling to manage, track, and harmonize compliance requirements at your organization?

Webinar: ACL Spring ’17 Release

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In case you haven't heard yet, the ACL Spring '17 Release is here! With this release brings you the ability to visualize and manage enterprise risk with a data-driven approach.

Webinar: T&E Analytics to Address Compliance and Risk Issues

How much time is your team spending on T&E policy and regulatory compliance reviews and reporting?

Webinar: How two city auditors transformed their department

Although internal audit has evolved considerably in recent years, audit teams are often viewed as an adversarial critic within the organization. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Webinar: Banking Compliance Outlook for 2017

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Banking has changed drastically since 2008. Fast forward to 2017, DFAST, CCAR are some acronyms that come to light which all have to do with Basel, stress testing, loss and revenue estimations and capital requirements.

Webinar: Improving Efficiency of Working Papers Management.

If your audit team's working papers processes are inefficient and admin-heavy, don't miss this session!

Webinar: Death of the Tickmark, Birth of the Rockstar Internal Auditor 2017

While the internal auditor could absolutely become a rockstar in the organization, nobody has the superhuman capability to do everything.

Webinar: Data Analytics for Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Auditing

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Join Robert Luu, Senior Solutions Consultant and ACL Steve Dirks, Senior Account Executive, ACL as they share their experience and solutions for travel and entertainment (T&E) audits.

Webinar: How to Use Data Analysis to Test & Monitor Compliance


Whether your mandate is around education, infrastructure or benefits spend, using a sound framework combined with technology can help you to get organized and provide structure to help you deal with key issues.

Webinar: Fall ’16 release: Data-driven

This is ACL's biggest product launch in history. It is our "Open Data" release, unleashing the power of ACL as one part of a broader data-ecosystem. As an ACL customer, what does this mean for you? A whole bunch of new features. Join ACL's Chief Product Officer, Dan Zitting and Chief Technology Officer, Keith Cerny as they take you on a walk-through of all the new capabilities that you'll have access to this September.

Webinar: Questionnaire Templates Advanced Series – Completing the “Magic Loop” of data

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This is part two in a two-part series, Completing the "Magic Loop" of data. In part one we showed you the power of Results Manager and how you can use our questionnaire templates to make surveying even easier.

Webinar: Prevent your taxes from going to Fraudsters


In this webinar Jeremy Clopton, Director in the Forensics & Valuation Services division of BKD, LLP and Scott Robinson, Account Executive - Public Sector at ACL have a candid discussion how cross-matching, data analysis and continuous monitoring are used to support the integrity of entitlement programs and to fight against fraud, waste and abuse in the Public Sector.

Bootcamp Webinar: Make your data analytics visual and actionable

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Tune in to this webinar with the GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 to see what he has to say about the current governance, risk and compliance trends, and why they recently awarded ACL Interpretive Visual Remediation with the GRC Innovation Award in the Internal Control Management category.

Storyboards: Interactive reporting on your research and analysis

Check out this on-demand webinar on Storyboards - a NEW feature in Results Manager to help you showcase your work using reports with interactive images, graphics and videos.