ACL’s Fall ‘17 Release is here! This release transforms governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) activities from looking back to looking forward, enabling your team to run a well-governed organization in real time.

With this release, we are equipping front-line decision makers to make better decisions with risk in mind. We also introduced the world’s first completely integrated GRC content and software platform, delivering curated GRC Content & Intelligence within your daily ACL™ GRC platform workflow. And to take data intelligence to the next level to assess more types of risk, we’ve added automated risk assessments, more data connectors, and more visualizations.

We’ve put together video overviews of the most exciting new features in our Fall ‘17 Release. Watch to learn more directly from our product designers!

Global Storyboard filters

Storyboards in Results are already a powerful way to paint a picture using your very own data and share it with the right stakeholders. But now with our new global filters, you no longer need multiple versions of similar storyboards. You can just maintain one storyboard and use global filters to interact with the data.

Lauren Bates, product designer, tells us more about the power of these filters.

More Results enhancements

In addition to the new Global Storyboard filters, we’ve added new response types, additional question parameters, and improved respondent experience—plus new trigger capabilities and enhanced navigation. ACL’s Results module is even more powerful than before when it comes to data aggregation and visualizations.

Earl Reyes, product designer, gives us a tour of the collection of super-charged enhancements.

Analytics enhancements

ACL Analytics users: your job just got way easier. We’ve bolstered analytics with new connectors, and features like our R command or Classical Variables Sampling to enrich your analysis options in the product. And—hold onto your hats—you can now import multiple worksheets at a time and to use the new APPEND command to combine them into one, single table.

Ruben Rejon, product designer, talks through all the technical details.

Content tailored for your industry

Our new GRC Content & Intelligence Suite integrates standards, regulations, analysis apps, risk and control matrices, and more directly into your daily ACL GRC workflow. This means you spend less time sourcing the right content and more time executing on your strategic agenda.

GRC Content & Intelligence subscriptions are available in four different functional areas and industries:

Mai Nakane, product designer, and Abraham Chow, research analyst, share more in this short video.

Automated risk assessments

Say goodbye to manual, tedious risk assessments and hello to automated assessments. Now you can link your important KRIs and KPIs to inform your priorities and notify you when you certain thresholds are crossed.

Mai Nakane, product designer, and Cory McBain, senior product designer, introduce you to Assessment Drivers.

Data visualization

With three new chart types, dozens of enhanced charting capabilities, and a streamlined interface, it’s even easier to uncover and tell the stories in your data.

Sean Rousseau, product designer, shows off some of these latest enhancements in Results, Analysis Apps, and Web Client.

Framework assurance

You’ve got a new, single lens to view your project performance. In Frameworks, we’ve introduced the Assurance tab, filled with aggregated information from your projects associated to your framework, broken down by testing phase and objective.

Product Designer Cory McBain shares all the details about Frameworks Assurance.

Ready to learn more or have questions about the new shiny features in our Fall ‘17 Release?

Head to the ACL Community for full release notes—and where you can chat with a network of your peers, contact Support, get handy links for training or webinars, plus more.

Or pop over to our YouTube channel and watch the latest ACL Bootcamp video on the release.

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