In the words of Dan Zitting, ACL’s chief product officer, “Risk management is notoriously subjective, and it’s time that organizations had a more objective way of understanding and acting on it.”

With ACL’s Spring ’17 release, we’re introducing the first software to combine risk assurance and compliance assurance into a single, aggregated metric.

But how?!

New capabilities within the ACL Platform give you a visualized, data-driven methodology that enables a quantifiable, real-time approach to strategic objectives—all while aligning with your KRIs and KPIs. And you can forget about the days when mapping and tracking regulatory changes was a burdening task, because we’ve revolutionized the way you go about daily operational compliance.

And the moment you’ve been waiting for. You can finally provide boards and executive teams with a simple and holistic understanding of your organization’s global risk management and compliance posture—can you say sought after?

Here’s a round-up of new stuff that will blow your mind, stuff you’ll love, new add-ons to make your life easier, and stuff that analytics users have been eagerly awaiting:

Ready to put it into action?

Watch a demo of these new features and learn how to:

  • automate the core stages of the enterprise risk management lifecycle
  • present your enterprise risk performance on a single ‘risk balance sheet’
  • unlock more reporting options and share results on risk management activities in a variety of interactive custom and standard forms
  • lighten your operational burden and cost of regulatory compliance
  • and much more!
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