There’s nothing better than free learning—especially when you can watch and learn from the comfort of your home or office! We broadcast a number of webinars throughout the year on a wide range of audit, risk management, and compliance topics, often featuring customers as guest presenters. For your viewing pleasure, here are the top five webinars in 2017.

1. How a university audit team became the senior management’s trusted advisors

When the audit team at Cornell University embarked on the journey to implement continuous assurance they took a unique approach to the conversation and emphasized one key message: be timely and relevant. Learn how Cornell built a trusted relationship with management, overcame challenges with data acquisition, measured qualitative signs of success, and plan to expand their assurance program in the future.

2. Death of the tickmark, birth of the rockstar internal auditor

Why are we spending so much time preparing and reviewing endless detailed documents using the “Auditing for Dummies” approach? Join Dan Zitting, ACL’s chief product officer, as he discusses how to eradicate this exclusive focus on the tickmark and what it symbolizes, in the first steps towards industry-wide transformation!

3. Recognizing and managing emerging strategic risks

In this webinar, Daniel Clark, director of internal audit at Washington Trust Bank, shares how he integrates strategic risk management into daily business decision making and execution for a decisive advantage.

4. How two city auditors transformed their department

Today, the opportunities for internal audit are more exciting than ever. A key step in evolving your audit function is to embrace technology. The right solution helps you to do more with less, freeing up your time for more strategic initiatives. Learn how the City of Minneapolis’ audit team use ACL technology to transform their internal audit processes.

5. The evolution of IT risk and compliance: Creating a sustainable program in a changing world

Organizations must be vigilant in mitigating threats that could expose sensitive data, endanger their reputation, and negatively impact revenues and operations. The threats and compliance regulations can seem exponential and overwhelming, introducing key operational and strategic challenges. Learn about key emerging threats and compliance requirements, how to stay ahead, and how to build a sustainable compliance program.

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