ACL Platform and Add-ons

Software for everything governance—powered by data automation.

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Make better decisions, backed by data.

A complete solution for automating governance, the ACL platform is made up of core products designed to work independently or together. This means the platform can grow and evolve with your organization’s needs.

The ACL platform includes award-winning ACL GRC to centralize all your governance, risk management, and compliance activities; ACL Robotics to automate your data access, reporting, and remediation workflows; a Content and Intelligence gallery, filled with ready-to-use frameworks, standards, regulations, and best practices; and our SAP connector; Impact Reports; plus training and support whenever you need it.

Together, these products make up the ACL platform. Choose one or choose them all and have data-backed assurance that processes, people, and systems are optimized and working as they should.

Why choose ACL?

Performance risk methodology

Built-in best practices

ACL was built to take a single, integrated approach to any governance use case or problem.

Predictive data analysis

Real-time analysis

Robotic process automation and analytics means real-time data analysis your reality.

Winning awards and customers

Easy to use

We consistently win (and keep) customers because of our user-friendly, beautiful, intuitive experience.

Secure cloud based system

Cloud-based and secure

Because ACL is cloud-based, it’s quick to deploy, always up-to-date, low maintenance, and secure.

A complete ecosystem & experience.

ACL GRC Ecosystem

ACL Platform


Centralize all your governance, risk management, and compliance activities.

ACL Robotics

Connect to any data, analyze any risk, and visualize results.

Direct Link for SAP Applications

ACL connector for SAP ERP

Access data with SAP-certified connector.

ACL Add-in for Excel

Bridge the gap between standard Excel functions and ACL.

Content & Intelligence

Embed ready-to-use GRC content and intelligence into your workflow.

Training & Enablement

Get expert services, training, and support.

Learn about the benefits of an ACL subscription.