ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP

Remove barriers to data access and tap powerful intelligence hidden in SAP.

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Dow Corning
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Business-critical SAP® applications hold a goldmine of powerful information waiting to be uncovered. But directly accessing SAP data is no trivial task.

Material expenses and revenues flow through SAP. In order to provide risk assurance for your executives, board, or oversight committee, you can’t rely on pre-built reports or built-in tests. You need the ability to access all of the data, at any time, to respond to changing risks and provide immediate answers to new questions.

Accessing SAP application data doesn’t need to be a painful process. Establish autonomy from your overburdened IT team with the ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP, an easy-to-use SAP-Certified data extraction add-on for ACL Robotics, ACLTM Analytics and ACL GRCTM Analytics Exchange.

Gain direct, secure business intelligence from most SAP applications, including the latest SAP S/4HANA®. This not only reduces the workload for IT, but also empowers your team to easily include SAP data in analysis, leading to more complete coverage and better results.

If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing.

Our certified SAP data connector makes exploring and extracting data from SAP easy.

Data Access

Direct, seamless data access

Stop bugging IT.

ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP helps increase productivity by allowing teams to easily and securely access SAP S/4HANA, SAP® ERP, SAP® CRM, SAP® SRM, SAP® SCM or SAP® EWM data for analysis, instead of waiting for IT or incurring delays due to miscommunication.



Reduce, re-use, recycle.

Routine data retrieval and data analysis procedures can be executed via ACL scripts, thus enabling re-use and repeatability for economies of scale and increased productivity. With ACL Robotics and ACL GRC Analytics Exchange, data retrievals can be run nightly to provide the latest results to the team when they arrive first thing in the morning, or provide data to a continuous testing process.

Data Integrity

Data integrity

Ensure that production data will be unaltered.

Read-only queries are executed on the SAP system by ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP.


Refresh quickly

Grab the most recent version of the data.

With a simple right-click > Refresh.

Secure Data


Ensure users only have access to the data for which they’re authorized.

ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP uses SAP security to determine access rights and encrypts the data on extraction.

Analytics-ready data

Analytics-ready data

Automatically format SAP data for ACL analysis.

Application data typically must be manipulated and reformatted in order to be consumable by analysis tools. ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP simplifies and streamlines the process by automatically formatting SAP data for use with ACL Robotics, ACL Analytics, or ACL GRC Analytics Exchange during the retrieval process.

Compare Data Systems

Compare data between business systems

Filter and find field names quickly.

SAP applications are loaded with more fields than you could ever use and many of them are empty. ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP provides an easy method to find the information you need within the tens of thousands of available tables. This intuitive interface allows you to execute SQL-type queries to surface and interpret your data.

Trusted by SAP Professionals

Trusted by SAP professionals

SAP-certified integration.

ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP has achieved SAP-Certified integration with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM and SAP EWM.

SAP NetWeaver



Table and field name translation

Avoid confusion.

With thousands of tables in SAP applications with non-intuitive table and field names, knowing what data the tables represent and which ones are relevant for analysis is a mind-boggling task. ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP gives you the option of having field names translated to your own language or retaining the original SAP German abbreviated field names.

Low Impact

Low impact

Extract data without impacting the performance or availability of SAP applications.

The ACL Connector for use with SAP® ERP compiles all records into a single table. The compilation is done in chunks so it’s easier for the SAP application to process.

Simple re-use

Simple re-use

Re-use your data queries.

After spending time finding the tables and fields required for your analysis, your query can be saved for use at a later time. Or use it as a starting point for your next analysis task that requires similar data. Or automate your extractions by generating a single ACL command to re-use in your scripts.

Expert guidance for goal-smashing results

Whether you’re just getting started or evolving your current process, our Professional Services team are experts at applying technology to deliver value faster than you could on your own. And, we have training and technical support to help you smash your targets, every step of the way. Get a step ahead by using ACL’s customer enablement teams to empower your people, processes and methodologies with our expert guidance.

What our customers are saying

Dow Corning

“We believe ACL is at the forefront of data interrogation programs and The Connector ensures Dow Corning is a world leader in business technology. ACL offers an effective means for us to devise audit tests which are global in nature and rigorous enough to pinpoint the specific details that we need in each audit location.”

Dow Corning


“ACL Connector provides a nice interface to SAP, interpreting the data well and laying it out in plain English, which makes the results so simple to understand—even for a complete novice to SAP systems.”

Eisai Ltd


“Fraud prevention and detection is an ongoing focus. ACL Connector collects data from SAP overnight and the results of the tests including “high-probability exceptions” are delivered to some 70 end users, broadening and deepening our monitoring


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