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Business-critical SAP® applications hold a gold mine of powerful information waiting to be uncovered. But directly accessing SAP data is no trivial task.

Material expenses and revenues flow through SAP. In order to provide risk assurance for your executives, board, or oversight committee, you can’t rely on pre-built reports or built-in tests. You need the ability to access all of the data, at any time, to respond to changing risks and provide immediate answers to new questions.

Accessing SAP application data doesn’t need to be a painful process. Establish autonomy from your overburdened IT team with ACL Direct Link, an easy-to-use SAP-Certified data extraction add-on for ACL Analytics and ACL Analytics Exchange.

Gain direct, secure business intelligence from most SAP applications, including the latest SAP S/4HANA®. This not only reduces the workload for IT, but also empowers your team to easily include SAP data in analysis, leading to more complete coverage and better results.

If you’re not measuring, you’re not managing.

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Our certified SAP data connector makes exploring and extracting data from SAP easy.

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ACL Essentials

Pre-built tests for SAP applications

Your built-in process controls are most likely not working as well as you think they are. Simple tests with complex configuration can lead to significant mistakes that can go unnoticed.

Reduce risk and gain insight into the critical areas of your SAP system with ACL Essentials—a suite of premium, pre-built analysis apps that continuously assess risk in your critical SAP processes.

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Expert guidance for goal-smashing results

ACL Training & Enablement

We have one goal: to help you achieve yours. 

Whether you’re just getting started or evolving your current process, our Professional Services team are experts at applying technology to deliver value faster than you could on your own. And, we have training and technical support to help you smash your targets, every step of the way. Get a step ahead by using ACL’s customer enablement teams to empower your people, processes and methodologies with our expert guidance.

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