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Put ACL Robotics to work and automate your way to more productivity.

The proliferation of data means that every operation, task, and transaction has the potential to propel your organization’s success. As a GRC professional, you know that data is the key to achieving better assurance, compliance, and risk management, but how do you put it into action? What’s holding you back from turning your data into a competitive advantage?

The challenge is time. When you’re focused on tackling the time-consuming tasks like extracting and normalizing data, updating KPIs in spreadsheets, or virtually chasing people to follow-up on exceptions—you can’t also be focused on turning your data into action.

That’s where ACL Robotics can help. ACL Robotics is designed exclusively for governance professionals to help make you more efficient through automating time-intensive and repetitive—but critical—processes. It goes beyond any simple analytic solution or BI technology. ACL Robotics runs your data access, reporting, and remediation tasks from beginning to end. It reduces the number of tools you need, provides data in real time, and frees you up to focus delivering insights that will make the most impact.

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How will you put the robots to work?

ACL Robotics

Fully scalable solution, designed to grow with you. Build robots to support you in one or all of the following areas:

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Connect to all your data sources, clean and prepare your data, then analyze risk and uncover insights to make better data-driven business decisions.

No downtime


Create a robot KPI, KRI, or KCI to monitor and provide round-the-clock oversight. When a threshold is exceeded, or an anomaly detected, the robot will inform decision makers to take action.

ACL is made for mobile


Dashboards and visualizations show you what’s really going on. Ensure you always have the right data at the right time to inform strategic decisions.

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Robots are your friend, not your replacement. A robot puts flagged records in front of you for review and remediation—your knowledge is still critical to make key decisions on thresholds or anomalies.

No downtime


Create review, remediation, and reporting workflows to action red flags. Initiate workflows for any data source, from digital records to your C-suite storyboard.

ACL is made for mobile


We’ve made it so anyone can perform advanced and predictive analytics. And we’ve also included full integration with R and Python so you can identify and action future trends now.

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ACL Robotics is a fully scalable solution, designed to allow you to start small and upgrade as you grow.

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