ACP Certification

What’s New in the Spring 2017 Release Part II – Projects: Compliance Maps & Impact Reports

In this 30-min webinar, we’ll show you how to simplify your organization’s compliance activities using ACL’s Compliance Maps, and how to deliver perfectly tailored reports for your organization. We’ll cover all the great new features of Compliance Maps, including how to get standards and regulations into your organization, the fundamentals of Compliance mapping, Compliance Assurance and Reporting. For Impact Reports, we’ll demonstrate how to generate an Impact Report from within a Project or within your organization. You will leave the session with the ability to:

  • Confidently use the Compliance Maps feature
    • How to load content
    • How to generate your own Standard
    • Search and filter Requirements
    • The “Applicable, Rationalize, Map” approach to compliance
    • Coverage and Assurance scores and how they work
    • How to generate reports for regulators
  • Understand how Impact Reports are built for you and where to find them in the Projects module