ACL Enterprise Governance Solutions

Bringing together the functions of governance with powerful data automation for one single source of truth.

Georgia Department of Administrative Services
Procter & Gamble
Wells Fargo

What is enterprise governance?

A well-governed organization simply runs better. Good governance provides direction and ensures effectiveness, accountability, and compliance with regulations—which adds up to competitive advantage. Whether you’re responsible for a single area or end-to-end enterprise governance, ACL is the only software to bring all of the critical functions of governance together in an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform—powered by data automation—to give you an insightful, single source of truth.

Risk Management

Make better decisions across the organization with risk in mind.

Compliance Management

Minimize your compliance risk exposure and reduce your operational burden.

SOX Compliance

Simplify SOX management and control testing with easy-to-use software.

Audit Management & Analytics

Supercharge your audit value with easy-to-use audit management software and integrated analytics.

Risk & Control Monitoring

Your crystal ball for program and process performance oversight.

Fraud & Corruption Management

Safeguard your organization against fraud, waste, and abuse.

IT Governance

Unified IT governance for better security and performance.

Strategy & Performance Governance

Strategy shouldn’t live in slides. Operations can’t be managed in spreadsheets.