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Audit Management & Analytics

Are you trapped in a time suck between spreadsheets, manual processes, or difficult technology?

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Supercharge your audit value with easy-to-use audit management software and integrated analytics.

The right technology is critical to provide risk assurance in today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory landscape. Eliminate time-sucking tasks—and unlock audit insights trapped in documents—by using highly engaging and collaborative technology, so you can focus on the strategic areas of your organization.

How can ACL help you?

We want to help you be more relevant, more valuable, and better aligned with the executive agenda. ACL helps you be a better strategic advisor by illuminating the risks that impact your organization in the context of objectives and performance.

The ACL platform captures audit information in a way that you can analyze and report on using your goldmine of business intelligence. Let our audit software help you bring your data, your insights, and your audit team’s value into the light.

Strategic Insight

Strategic insights

  • Risk identification.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Planning and treatment.
  • Reporting and metrics.
  • Risk posture and assurance scoring.
Audit Workflow

Audit workflow

  • Workpaper management.
  • Independently test controls against standards and regulations.
  • Redirect audit efforts to strategic areas of the business.
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Integrated analytics

  • Integrated audit analytics that help guide assurance.
  • Assessments through surveys.
  • Automated assessments to reduce outsourcing.
  • Full population data coverage.
  • Risk and performance monitoring.
  • Risk, strategy, and performance insights.
  • Oversight of all programs and activities.

Organizations worldwide are seeing results with ACL.

Return on investment


return on investment

Net present value


net present value

Quick implementation

33% more

audits completed

Audit efficiency


improvement in audit efficiency

Why choose ACL?

Assign risks to leaders for real-time or remote assessments using Risk Workshops.

Risk workshops

Invite stakeholders to collaborate on the risk assessment process.

Managers tasked with evaluating key risks based on board, executive management, or operational leadership feedback can now conduct risk assessment voting workshops within the ACL platform. With a real-time view of KPIs and KRIs, participants’ assessments are also informed by qualitative analysis.

Workpaper management

Suffering in spreadsheet hell? We make heavenly gear to elevate you from painful manual tracking and collating.

Say goodbye to the pain of managing audit workflow—or projects like SOX reviews—in static spreadsheets. The ACL platform does the legwork aggregating your data so you can give executives better insights, and spend more time on critical thinking and high-value tasks. And with control testing and self-assessments that are a breeze, you can let the system manage chasing down responses across the business.

Audit workpaper management

Audit issue management

Issue management

It ain’t easy herding cats—or issues. Streamline your issue identification and management.

Capture issues in the field, assign to stakeholders, and track and report on remediation, all in one convenient system. Easily mass-migrate legacy or multi-department issues for global oversight.

Integrated analytics & automated assessments

With our 30 years of global analytic dominance, you can break free from sampling, analyze 100% of your dataset, and provide career-changing insights. ACL software also enables you to take action on your results, so data insights don’t get trapped on your desktop.

With truly analytics-driven risk assessments based on your organization’s actual data, management can know the exact state of your organization’s risks at any time, without needing to compile various reports and updates. Risk assessments automatically take into account inherent risks and mitigation efforts, providing a quantified estimate of residual risk.

Integrated audit analytics is a must for Audit to truly assess risk and advise organizations on context of its impact to the strategy and performance.

From easy one-click reports that show risk assurance of your master process-risk-control library to more BI report-building with dashboards, metrics, and custom fields and formats.


Reporting troubles got you down? We make it easier for you to share insights and show your team’s value. With ACL software, you can generate executive dashboards, track KPIs and cycle times, manage issue life-cycles, and customize graphs, fields and outputs.

“The time and resources saved by automating our audit processes using ACL platforms can now be allocated to a broader, higher-value scope of projects. Having already used ACL Analytics, we realized that the full ACL platform could jump-start our processes across the board.”

Mark Milne,

Director of Internal Audit, Nu Skin

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ACL solution for audit management & analytics

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