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Minimize your compliance risk exposure and reduce your operational burden.

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Software to help you reduce operational burden, meet regulatory requirements, and safeguard your organization.

With thousands of industry standards, internal policies, and ever-changing regulatory requirements, optimizing coverage in a changing compliance landscape can be daunting.

ACL takes the pain out of compliance management and regulatory changes by doing the heavy lifting. The ACL platform enables you to track and quickly map the requirements that matter most, easing your compliance burden while documenting everything to provide clear, self-serve oversight for management, your board, and regulators.

How can ACL help you?

ACL has revolutionized the mapping of industry standards, internal policies, and regulations to control frameworks. You can quickly visualize coverage and track regulatory changes to provide boards and executive teams with a holistic understanding of your organization’s global compliance posture—complete with a rolled-up compliance assurance score to measure program success.

Strategic insight

Strategic insight

  • Integrate standards and regulatory intelligence.
  • View compliance risk in the context of impact to your organizational strategy.
  • Identify your regulatory obligations.
  • Get real-time risk visibility.
  • Align compliance priorities with organizational objectives to spend time on what matters most.
Compliance workflow

Compliance workflow

  • Embed and automatically update compliance content and intelligence.
  • Manage a master process-risk-control library.
  • Map requirements to controls.
  • Cascade regulatory changes.
  • Manage issues and incident remediation workflows.
Monitoring and reporting

Assessments, monitoring & reporting

  • Automate manual processes.
  • Integrate surveys for self-assessments and attestations.
  • Integrate analytics, metrics, and automated monitoring.
  • Produce ad hoc or comprehensive reports for program oversight.
  • Centralize to serve auditors and regulators on a single platform.

Compliance professionals are seeing results with ACL.

Return on investment


return on investment




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Regulatory decrease


decrease in regulatory issues

Net present value


net present value

Why choose ACL?

Automatically receive regulatory updates and easily cascade changes throughout your workflows.

Compliance standards & regulatory intelligence

Rely on ACL’s pre-built Content & Intelligence suites for embedded regulatory updates, frameworks, standards, and best practices.

We’ve developed subscription suites to help you manage and stay current on the latest regulations and standards. Find them in your content library, which is researched and curated by ACL teams to ensure you’re always up-to-date. Including:

  • COBIT® 5 Framework Compliance Map
  • COSO® Internal Control Framework 2013 Compliance Map
  • IIA® International Standards 2017 Compliance Map
  • ISACA® ITAF™ (3rd Edition) Compliance Map
  • and more.

Compliance mapping

Map any standard or regulation requirement to your control framework. Whether complying with industry standards, government regulations, internal policies, or contractual obligations, you can manage all your obligations in one place— for clear oversight and friction-less regulator interaction.

Don’t let the complexity of compliance strangle your business. Take a risk-based approach: comply with material standards and regulations—and rationalize away obligations that aren’t applicable or harmonize multiple requirements to a single control.

Self-assessments may include attestation for IT Security—easily dispatch to all employees and third parties to show regulators or auditors your defensible, digital attestation trail.

Assessments & monitoring

The ACL platform lets you automate or delegate control assessments through data automation. Efficiently manage compliance reviews and track progress, failed controls, and issue status. Or assign control owner self-assessments through integrated surveys to easily attach responses as compliance proof.

ACL also makes your assessments more actionable. Monitor compliance metrics like KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs, that demonstrate value and trends—and easily drill down into anomalies to investigate potential control gaps or failures. Set a notification trigger to alert the right people when a metric threshold is reaching intolerable levels.

Compliance workflow & issue management

Do you have critical policies or requirements to attest, such as Code of conduct, Conflict of interest, or GDPR? Easily track attestation or create controls for preventative and detective oversight. Survey third-party stakeholders to ensure their compliance isn’t your risk—no additional licenses required.

The ACL platform captures and assigns flagged issues for remediation. You can then delegate issues to control or issue owners—or assign actions to any stakeholder for easy tracking, evidence capture, and resolution.

Triggers can automatically route activity from data or human response for compliance control assessments, attestations, or escalation alerts.

Roll up thousands of regulations and policies, and hundreds of assessments and controls into one big picture of program health.

Reporting & program performance

Get a holistic understanding of your organization’s global compliance posture, complete with a rolled-up compliance assurance score to measure program success.

Provide clear, self-serve oversight for management, board, and regulators. By centralizing compliance activities, the ACL platform provides quick actioning of regulator demands and easy-to-serve evidence to manage your next regulator visit.

“The ACL platform has helped us achieve a data-driven approach for governance, risk management and compliance at Equinix. The added benefit has been helping streamline business processes and make them more efficient.”

Nilisha Agrawal,

Compliance Manager, Equinix

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