Enterprise Risk Management

Get better risk ROI. Value protection. Value creation.

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Infuse your risk management with performance-enhancing science.

Smart enterprise risk management (ERM) enables organizations to make smarter decisions on good and bad risk—and systematically remove barriers to organizational performance. Don’t feel you need to crack the code alone. Harness technology to bridge the chasm between ERM and performance of your strategic agenda.

ACL’s platform solution brings objective, data-powered ERM to life and provides that “single pane of glass” view of opportunities and risks to corporate performance.

Gone are the days of risk assessments frozen in spreadsheets that are outdated as soon as everyone leaves the room. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) are combined into one real-time dashboard that triggers alerts insight based on pre-set thresholds and automates workflow to action owners. Boost ERM program success with a collaborative platform aligned to regulatory standards, industry frameworks and peer benchmarks—using a quantified approach that rules out subjectivity.

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Case study: Data-driven enterprise risk management at Equinix

Enterprise Risk Management for Risk Management Teams

Alignment with Strategy & Performance

Execute the agenda.
Capitalize on opportunities. And don't get blindsided by strategic risks.
Conduct collaborative risk assessments within the platform, informed by real-time quantitative insight—to bulldoze the risks that block performance.

How-to advice

Heatmap Risk workshop

Benchmarking to Industry Peers, Practices & Frameworks

Are you keeping up with the pack...or are you missing something?
Don’t settle for “almost.” Benchmark to industry and regulatory drivers, while mapping to industry frameworks from COSO, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, BSA/AML, OMB A-133, etc.

Compliance Maps Risk Library

Risk Analytics & Operational Monitoring

Inject science into risk management—and silence subjectivity with data certainty.
Sleep well at night. Data-driven objectivity + collaborative human interpretation = powerful, objective risk and performance insight.

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Aggregated Risk Reporting for a “Single Pane of Glass” View

Get everyone—and all your risk and performance insight—on the same page to better navigate risk and achieve objectives.
Illuminate risk and performance insight with a set of decision making tools, to direct residual risk treatment, report heat maps to your board and inform risk and performance outcomes.

Partner with the Business & Remove Stakeholder Friction

Build cross-functional alignment. Make it easier to do business with you. Deliver mutual value.
Empower stakeholders with better insight by automating their processes and controls. Collaborate on a shared platform to quickly assign requests and action plans for review and follow-up.

Expert advice

Transform ERM. Prove ROI. Protect & Create Value.

Demonstrate ERM’s strategic value to your board, senior management and risk owners. Galvanize support for investing in a proactive risk culture.
By embedding ERM activities into operational processes, you can empirically show risk optimized return and overall program success to illustrate how ERM is essential to achieving annual targets.

4 success factors

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Richie Brothers uses ACL

“Our goal is to build a best-in-class risk management team at Ritchie Bros. and operational efficiency is a big part of that. ACL’s GRC software makes risk management across the enterprise and compliance with SOX simple and straightforward, which will ultimately allow us to accelerate and improve our overall risk management function.”

Aman Kallu,

Director of Risk Management, Ritchie Bros

Enterprise Risk Management for Internal Audit teams

Data = insight. Be a better strategic risk & performance advisor.

Internal audit is the only group that is capable of both performing governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) activities…and providing assurance over GRC activities undertaken across the first and second lines of defense.
Arm yourself with a data-driven platform that aggregates insight from disparate, complex functions—and confidently provide assurance over strategic risks, while skillfully identifying insights to help accelerate organizational performance.

Be strategic, rely on science.

Soar to the top with crystal ball-like technology to control your organization’s destiny.

“ACL was part of a total solution that delivered the right software tools to the right personnel for the right activities…ACL enables us to get so forensic and so precise that it means there is essentially no hiding place. So, it means that the business would take us more seriously than they did previously.”

Program Manager, International Airport

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