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Software powered by data automation to detect, enforce, remediate, and smartly manage fraud and corruption.

Fraud and corruption hides in nooks and crannies within and between systems, ransacking your capital resources, reputation, competitiveness, and employee morale. Turning a blind eye to inadequate controls won’t get sympathy from your regulators and stakeholders. Use ACL technology to implement your anti-fraud or anti-bribery framework and manage a robust program from detection through to case resolution—to protect your organization’s performance, integrity, and reputation.

How can ACL help you?

The ACL platform scours your data haystacks for fraud and corruption risk needles, leaving no transaction unturned. Built-in workflow helps you automate the assignment, review, and remediation of red flags—and track case investigation status—to see your program through detection, review, investigation, and resolution.

Program Oversight

Program oversight

  • Establish a fraud framework, and measure ROI and effectiveness.
  • Set a tone from the top by cascading strategic focus down to link to controls and evidence.
  • Manage regulatory programs for anti-bribery and anti-corruption (e.g., FCPA, SAPIN II) and financial crimes (e.g., AML, conduct risk).
  • Manage anti-fraud programs by industry, region, or functional area (e.g., asset misappropriation, conflict of interest, code of conduct, financial misstatement, cyber crime, third-party risk, etc.).
Operational Governance

Operational governance

  • Curate current regulations and standards to ensure compliance.
  • Manage case investigation, life cycle, resources, and reporting.
  • Communicate and enforce training and policy attestation.
  • Track effectiveness of anti-fraud and anti-corruption controls, linked directly to evidence.
Forensic Monitoring

Forensic assessment & monitoring

  • Test 100% coverage of key business process areas and systems (e.g., ERP, IT, CRM, third-party, sanction lists, etc.).
  • Automate tests for 24/7 detection and prevention.
  • Build a defensible evidence trail and activity log.
  • Follow up on red flags, broken controls, and crime using built-in remediation workflow and visualization.

Fraud examiners are seeing results with ACL.



return on investment

Net Present Value


net present value

Vendor Overcharges


in avoided vendor overcharges

P-card Fraud


in avoided PCard fraud and misuse

Why choose ACL?

Manage any fraud program in any industry. Tap into the power of data automation to illuminate the truth around fraud control effectiveness.

Data automation for process oversight

Every system has loopholes, gaps, and flaws that can be exploited for fraud and corruption. The ACL platform helps you detect and prevent crime and bribery by scrutinizing vast pools of data to immediately spot red flags.

ACL does all analysis at the transaction level—not at the configuration level like enterprise and program systems—ensuring 100% of transactions across all systems are reviewed for control violations. Apply text mining, graph analysis, pattern recognition, and cluster or predictive analytics, either ad hoc or continuously.

The ACL system triggers an alert when a threshold is exceeded. This gives you automated oversight of processes like billing disbursements, payments, O2C/P2P, expenses, GL, claims, procurement, and contracts, and programs like gift registry, anti-bribery (e.g., FCPA), AML, COC, and cyber crime. Spot and patch leaky controls to stay ahead of the game.

Forensic data discovery & visualization

A picture is worth a thousand rows of data—and reveals clues that lead you to the questions you need to ask your data. Empower deeper investigation with the ACL platform’s data discovery and visualization tools.

Explore and better understand your data by creating interactive visualizations of forensic analytics and common tests like Benford’s Law to reveal red flags at a glance. ACL’s data visualizations help you visually interpret data by using toggles to filter and slice results to find outliers, anomalies, and meaningful patterns that aren’t visible as a row in a spreadsheet.

Visualizations allow you to detect anomalies that aren’t visible in table data and help reveal the effectiveness of fraud controls.

Whistleblower and incident reporting

Whistleblower & incident reporting

Whistleblower programs are one of the best lines of defense against fraud. Use the ACL platform to build an anonymous web hotline where employees, clients, contractors, and vendors can safely report suspicious behavior—no additional licenses required. The system automatically handles escalation, assignments, and notifications.

Policy attestation & enforcement

Reinforce tone from the top by enforcing your anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies. The ACL platform allows you to capture policy and training attestation with employee and third-party questionnaires, such as COI, COC, IT security, and SOD. The system lets you email a copy of the policy along with a survey form, with responses tracked within the system.

The ACL platform also flags violations and automates remediation requests. This smart feedback loop helps you both ensure policy knowledge and enforce compliance, all tracked in one place.

ACL combines this unstructured data from a questionnaire response with your structured data, collating it together as remediation evidence of compliance with policy or regulatory requirements.

Automate attestation of conflict of interest, IT security, or any anti-fraud policy with triggers for automatic routing or follow-up.

Manage the life cycle of full case investigation management from evidence gathering to resolution.

Issue escalation, case management, investigations

Automate issue escalation and case management with workflow rules and triggers. With the ACL platform’s task assignment and routing capabilities, you can easily configure review assignments and capture notes and activities. Built-in case management helps you detect and escalate idle records.

This not only dramatically cuts down on the pain of spreadsheets and email, but also avoids losing investigation efforts scattered in emails or trapping critical insights in documents. The ACL platform makes it easy to connect to any stakeholder to collect evidence or input to close out your flagged record and resolve cases—and records a defensible evidence trail to support investigations.

“It would be impossible to do our work without a tool like the ACL platform. You need something to be able to pull all that data together, make connections from one database to another, to really develop those findings and you just can’t do that manually.”

Ian Green

Principal Performance Auditor,
Oregon Secretary of State

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