Operational Risk Management

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Most major global economic meltdowns of the past few decades were caused by operational risk failures.

Managing operational risk means getting clear oversight of your systems, processes and people to prevent failures that lead to costly financial and reputational damage.

ACL has everything you need: from modelling your industry risk framework, to assigning control or self-assessments to control owners, to monitoring controls with risk analytics, to surveying employees, customers and vendors to gather key input needed for review, compliance and remediation.

ACL technology empowers a sound operational risk methodology, improves operational performance, reduces audit costs and friction, prevents embarrassing InfoSec and privacy breaches, and prevents instances of fraud, waste or misuse before they snowball into a storm.

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Operational Risk Management for Accounting & Finance

Prudent controls oversight maximizes working capital—and keeps you off the front page news.

Prudent controls oversight maximizes working capital—and keeps you off the front page news. But do you know where your risks are? Uncover inadequate or failed internal processes and systems.
Maintain a continual, sustainable process of evaluating risk, deciding what to do with risks, and implementing controls over risks for acceptance, mitigation or avoidance of each risk. ACL’s integrated approach creates a seamless, comprehensive picture for management to reduce exposure to future risk.

Spend Risk Management

Make sure your right hand knows what your left hand is doing.

Through analytics, gain visibility and understanding of your spend so you can establish control over all of your organization’s operating expenses.

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Revenue Leakage

Drip, drip, cha-ching. Hear that? That's the sound of your money going down the drain.

Use ACL for data analytics to compare disparate systems, find the leaks, and stop them before more revenue leakage occurs.

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Financial Control Monitoring

Is ignorance really bliss? Know more so you can reduce cash leaks and audit costs, and improve working capital.

Assurance over material financial processes and planning arms you with the insight you need to improve your operations.

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P2P Monitoring

P2P is complex, and vendors make mistakes. Check, before you end up paying for them.

P2P Monitoring

Increase visibility over your entire procurement process by using analytics to compare huge volumes of transactions across multiple business systems with complex authorization processes, before they add up to material seven-figure losses to fraud, waste or misuse.

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Payroll Monitoring

Are you paying ghost benefits? If you're not monitoring, you can't be sure.
Continuously monitor payroll to eliminate ghost benefits, overpayment schemes, commission schemes, and unauthorized employee changes—and keep opex on track.

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Supply Chain Oversight

Don't count on your vendors to manage your reputation. Get supply chain oversight.
Large global organizations or government agencies can have thousands of vendors in their supply chain. Keep an inventory of your vendors, contracts, policies, risks and run analytics against performance to get a handle on their performance and your reputation.

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Government Entitlement Oversight

Reputational integrity is equally important as cold hard cash.
Get the oversight you need on entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits Administration, federal and military retirement plans, unemployment, food stamps, and agricultural support.

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Conduct Risk Management

Regulators want proof of conduct assurance. Paint them a pretty picture.
Tie comprehensive actions—from strategy to controls to conduct risk mitigation, including employee, partner and consumer feedback—all in an easy-to-show, regulator-friendly paper trail.

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Loss Prevention

Vulnerable to revenue leakage, unnecessary losses, or shrinkage due to operational inefficiencies? Stop the bleeding from loss and fraud.
Pick up patterns of collusion, loss or theft by collating data from multiple disparate sources across inventory, vendor, financial, POS or time card systems. Assign to stakeholders for remediation to drive better coverage, capacity and credibility.

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ACL Customer Memorial Healthcare System

“We are looking forward to expanding the use of continuous monitoring solutions and achieving similar results in other critical business areas.”

Robert Gutholc,

Director Financial Controls, Memorial Healthcare System

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Operational Risk Management for IT teams

CIOs and IT leaders are working in an increasingly complex landscape with the proliferation of BYO devices.

CIOs and IT leaders are working in an increasingly complex landscape with the proliferation of BYO devices, more outsourcing to third-party providers, and cloud services. The need for protection of information security and privacy has never been higher. 
ACL’s solution provides a way to map your framework, controls and policies to people and business systems—integrating analysis and monitoring of data from business systems, transactions and responses from questionnaires.

Segregation of Duties

Might there be loopholes in your authorization checks and balances? Make a list, check it twice.
Whichever IT risk framework you follow, SIEM, ITIL, COBIT, ISO, COSO, our software will help you manage it to meet your IT regulatory compliance obligations.

IT Logical Access

Weak security policies are cause for data breaches. Fortify your logical access walls.
Whatever your regulatory authority, manage your obligations for SOX, OMB-A123, HIPAA, PCI, FCPA, AML, FDA, FERC, Basel, EU Data Directives in one place.

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Physical Access Monitoring

No time to keep an eye on all your laborhood comings and goings? Automate physical access monitoring.
Track the distribution of security policies to your workforce to ensure compliance with IT’s foremost global enterprise risk.

Security Information & Event Monitoring

Can you turn a bunch of log files into actionable oversight? Pull rabbits out of a bunch of hats with analytics. Ta-da!
SIEM is complex because you need to be able to view disparate data into a single holistic view. ACL consolidates your data into a single view and empowers you to create escalation workflows so you take action when needed.

Third Party InfoSec Oversight

Got your data in the cloud? Make sure your vendors’ silver lining is ironclad.
If you outsource data services to third parties, address privacy concerns by managing your InfoSec requirements for third-party information and collect your evidence of your due diligence in ACL’s centralized platform.

IT Vendor Oversight

Does managing your outsourcing and IT vendors make your head hurt? Forget aspirin, use data to referee your vendors.
IT outsourcing, vendor contract management and vendor maintenance clauses all need to be managed. Consolidate on a single platform, monitor obligations and performance, and get the assurance you need.

IT Risk Assessment

How can you quantify your inherent and residual risks? Let us count the ways...
Apply your IT control effectiveness and provide quantitative risk assurance with the execution of your control self-assessments.

IT Risk Framework

Together at last. Align your IT structure with your business strategy.

Whichever IT risk framework you follow, SIEM, ITIL, COBIT, ISO, COSO, our software will help you manage it to meet your IT regulatory compliance obligations.

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IT Issue Management

So, you’ve found vulnerabilities or control gaps in IT. Now what to do?

Close the loop. Track issues in a way you can easily assign to stakeholders for remediation. And report on issue status and life cycle.

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“ACL Data Analytics software has been a great help as we automate our processes and streamline critical systems.”

Chris Jackson,

User Provisioning Process Owner, Dean Foods

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Operational Risk Management for Risk Management Teams

To risk or not to risk, that is the question.

Risk comes from uncertainty in reaching your objectives. Find the perfect balance by getting a clear picture of your operational risk and opportunities. 
ACL helps you assess your risk appetite by monitoring controls and managing loss—so you can mitigate risk and optimize your resources with the fact-based insight to confidently know where to place your bets. Fortune sides with those who dare and prepare.

Operational Risk: Banking

The banking landscape is rapidly changing. Don't let your framework get dusty with legacy technology.
ACL’s integrated, data-driven platform marries the complexities of your people and process, so you can map your regulatory framework with risk analytics collating large volumes of business data and human responses from surveys—giving you robust oversight for Basel II or other regulatory compliance.

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Operational Risk: Insurance

Claimants come to you on their rainy days. Don’t get caught without a risk umbrella.
Regulatory compliance like Solvency II is complex. Easily map your regulatory framework using ACL’s modern technology and integrate results from risk analytics and human input from employees, to provide the assurance you need to avoid rainy day blues.

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Operational Risk: Healthcare

Hospitals get sick too. When did you get your last operational vaccination?
Operational risk is where the vulnerabilities lie in complying with regulations like HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, Information Security & Privacy. Unleash the power of ACL analytics and plug results into your operational framework to get the oversight and assurance you need to stay healthy.

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Operational Risk: Utilities & Telecom

Capital intensive. Fixed costs. Highly regulated. Are you operationally equipped?

In addition to the usual financial and IT operational risks, utilities and telecoms face safety, health and environment issues. Use ACL’s collaborative technology to test data for control effectiveness and survey staff for policy compliance and attestation.

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Operational Risk: Government

Government takes on the biggest risks in society and provides critical services. The risk? Mistakes are broadcast on the evening news.

Model your existing legislation, regulations and current agency policies using ACL technology to optimize operational government activity to make sure you’re covered as a good news story.

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Operational Risk Analytics

How is your risk report card? Let data give you what you need to get top grades.
Plug in three decades of ACL’s risk analytic expertise to your operations to highlight areas of vulnerability and strengths. Referee your operations with data.

Reputational Integrity

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation...and only one bad deed to destroy it.
Gain oversight across all of your systems, material processes and people to pragmatically protect your reputation.

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Conduct Risk Management

Regulators want proof of conduct assurance. Paint them a pretty picture.
Tie comprehensive actions—from strategy to controls to conduct risk mitigation, including employee, partner and consumer feedback—all in an easy-to-show, regulator-friendly paper trail.

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Whistle Blower or Incident Hotline

Build a better whistle. A cornerstone of sound ethics and risk management.
Empower employees to anonymously report incidents or suspicious activity, and automate escalation or notifications based on responses to your questions via an easy-to-setup web hotline.

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ACL Customers - Veterinary Pet Insurance

“ACL has helped us achieve a deeper understanding of both our data and our business risks.”

Lynne C. Hennessey,

Compliance Director, VPI Pet Insurance

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Operational Risk Management for Internal Audit Teams

Let's be real. Things happen.

Humans make mistakes, technology interfaces with the wrong set of data and creates an inaccurate financial report, or there is a breakdown of controls in the processing of payments.
From a human capital perspective these can occur from an untrained individual performing a job, lack of resources or poor supervision. ACL’s operational risk solution helps you better assure operational risk management and performance, so your audit committee can rest assured.

Accounting & Finance

Throwing cash—and your reputation—out the window?

Don’t misjudge the costly significance of operational risks.

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I’ll take “Information Security & Privacy” for 500, Alex.

And the answer is: What is THE top global strategic risk?

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Risk Management

Take risk to the limit.

Amazing technology designed to whet your upside risk appetite by taming the downside.

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ACL Customer Fortegra Financial

“We were half-way through our SOX compliance process and it was an administrative burden. ACL GRC offered us a simple, centralized, and secure audit management system that immediately helped us become more productive and collaborative. Within a week, we were up and running.”

Emily Rhodin,

Vice President Internal Audit & SOX Compliance, CCPA, CRMA, Fortegra Financial

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