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Your crystal ball for program and process performance oversight.

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Software to monitor risk and controls, spot red flags, mobilize action, and measure performance.

Every team is under pressure to minimize expenses and maximize output. But how can you manage what you don’t measure? With today’s reliance on ERP, CRM, IT, and HRM systems for process and program automation, you need to ensure that controls are operating effectively and risks are managed. But built-in system controls are a minefield of failure, circumvention, wasted time, and staff friction. And by the time you look back to find issues, it’s too late.

ACL’s risk and control monitoring solution helps you assess your performance against targets and quickly spot the need for corrective action. We make it easy to uphold quality standards for your processes, and report on productivity and other key performance indicators.

How can ACL help you?

The ACL platform can not only analyze your organization’s big data, but also connect operational data to key strategy, risk, and compliance metrics. Automated monitoring gives you insight into program and process health, and enables you to take action on red flags—to reduce loss, spot and eliminate problems, and achieve performance goals.

Process Program Governance

Process & program governance

  • Govern key processes across departments and systems such as ERP, finance, IT, sales and marketing, and third-parties.
  • Ensure control integrity.
  • Assure compliance with internal and external mandates.
Automated Monitoring

Automated monitoring & remediation workflow

  • Gain independence from IT with trusted data access, cleansing, and blending.
  • Compare and normalize risk assessments across business units, processes, and locations.
  • Reduce wasted time and outsourcing with sustainable, re-usable analytics.
  • Review flagged records with easy remediation workflow.
Reporting and Aggregation

Reporting & aggregation

  • Monitor process and program health.
  • Aggregate reporting across processes and programs.
  • Storyboard and visualize process and program performance.
  • Tap into your big data to inform decision making.

Achieve great ROI with ACL.

100% Data Coverage


data coverage

Management Confidence

Management confidence

in data-driven decisions



for stronger financial & operational controls

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

for better assurance & improved processes

Why choose ACL?

Easy drag-and-drop wizard guides data access, preview fields, set-and-save filters, and prepares data for analysis by cleaning and blending.

Data access & blending

ACL provides data connectors to access and blend data like no other. Access and consolidate data from any of your sources or systems, including ERP, CRM, and IT systems; spreadsheets; and PDFs.

Build IT-trusted connections to local or cloud-hosted datasets and schedule data pulls during non-peak times. No more burdening IT resources. ACL’s open data analytic architecture makes import and analysis a snap, with direct connectors to:

  • business systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, ServiceNow, email)
  • social media (e.g., Twitter)
  • traditional databases (e.g., Oracle, SQL, MySQL)
  • big data cloud (e.g., Teradata, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery)
  • and more.

Automated analytics

ACL’s powerful, scalable, and advanced analytics engine is trusted by organizations worldwide to help uncover data insights to drive better business decisions.

Recurring analysis can be easily automated to free up time and ensure consistent oversight. Let the ACL platform be your crystal ball to monitor performance, risk, and compliance in your processes and programs, like revenue, payments, expenses, procurement, third-party contracts, supply chain performance, and more. Confidently make decisions backed by insight from your own data.

Schedule analytics—designed to detect control breakdowns in your most critical process or programs—to run during off-peak hours.

Triggers simply create a rule to notify owners when the value of the KPI/KRI crosses a given threshold to automate workflow for remediation.

Data automation workflow

Get automated with immediate alerts the moment any KPI or KRI threshold is reached and dispatch owner action to follow up on red flags. The ACL platform instantly alerts stakeholders, triggering a system-guided response plan—paired with the data needed to make decisions and gather evidence to resolve or escalate.

Manage remediation and close the loop with the ability to track red flags in an easy review-and-remediation process—and manage issues when controls are broken.

Storyboards & reporting

Uncover the story in your data, then visualize the insight. Manage the entire process in one place for comprehensive, real-time monitoring and reporting on the state of your process and program health.

Roll this information up into an aggregated report to show leadership where things are going well and where improvements are needed before regulators or auditors come knocking.

Referee your program performance with data science. Amaze others with the insights advanced analytics reveals.

Embed ready-to-use regulatory updates, frameworks, standards, analytics, and best practices into your daily workflow.

Embedded, ready-to-use content

Rely on ACL’s pre-built Content & Intelligence suites for regulatory updates, frameworks, standards, pre-built analytics, and best practices.

We’ve developed toolkits to better map content obligations to your controls and to your process and program performance—captured through your data. Find them pre-loaded in your content library, which is researched and curated by ACL teams to ensure you’re always up-to-date. Choose from subscription suites by industry or process. Including:

  • key SAP financial processes
  • key IT frameworks such as COBIT® 5, ISO, NIST, etc.
  • regulations such as PCI, AML, HIPAA, etc.
  • and more.

“We’ve recognized quite a big improvement in the reliability and consistency of the controls, but also the efficiency of the processes underlying them.”

Jason A. Gross CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, ACDA

Vice President, Controls Management, Siemens Financial Services, Inc.

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