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Simplify SOX management and control testing with easy-to-use software.

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Software to help you manage your SOX program, centralize controls, streamline collaboration, and make reporting and certification a breeze.

Are you stuck in an endless maze of spreadsheets, emails, checklists, and sampling? Let the ACL platform free you from the time, cost, complexities, and shifting landscapes of SOX compliance. Our platform centralizes your program, so you can eliminate menial tasks, bulldoze spreadsheet silos, remove version confusion, and collaborate with stakeholders—all in one place.

How can ACL help you?

Get your SOX program up and running in just 10 days with ACL’s comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Automate SOX compliance with simple workflows to efficiently test your controls, ensure your team is working on the right things, and quickly deliver reports and certification to management and your external auditor.

Program setup & management

Program setup & management

  • Align to COSO 2013 Internal Controls Framework.
  • Manage your process-risk-control library.
  • Create SOX templates for consistency and reusability.
  • Model your entity structure.
  • Rationalize and harmonize controls to reduce unnecessary work.
Review documentation & collaboration

Testing & documentation

  • Get a control portal overview by SOX team and process or control owner.
  • Collaborate on PBC Requests and self-assessments.
  • Make walkthroughs and testing simple, and easily link documented evidence.
  • Manage issues lifecycle end-to-end.
Certification & reporting

Certification &

  • Dynamically test controls with robotic automation.
  • Monitor process performance.
  • Streamline 302 certification, testing, and reviews.
  • Create dashboards for PMO status and entity or issue reporting.

SOX compliance teams are seeing results with ACL.

Technology licensing


savings in technology licensing

Weekly time saving

20 hours/week

saved in manual reviews

Cost reduction



in third-party audits

Audit passed


annual user
provisioning audit

Why choose ACL?

A portal view of your SOX universe with easy one-click drill-down. See it in action.

Control oversight & reporting

Oversee the status of all your controls, get details on any aspect of a control with a single click, and stay up to date on control performance.

Easily view and report on your SOX program, with one-click reports, dashboards, and completed reviews. We make it simple to generate reports for management, PMO, or external auditors—by entity, process, control status, or issues.

Evidence citation

With ACL’s Citation Mode, easily markup and link to evidence, like policy or procedure manuals, regulations, SLAs/SLSs, and contracts. Track evidence directly from your walkthroughs and control test write-ups—for quick one-click reviewing.

Markup and hyperlink citations to any document to reference evidence or policy. Show me how.

See all your front-line control procedures in one place, and automatically prompt control owners to execute or assess their controls. Schedule your demo.

Control testing & PBC requests

Every SOX tester and process or control owner can collaborate within the system to test controls. The system enables efficient response to assigned requests and self-assessments—allowing your team to easily track everything in one place.

To broaden your coverage, increase efficiency, and reduce outsourcing, apply ACL’s robotic process automation to automate control testing to pass or fail controls based on real-time assessments.

Read more about automating controls and SOX testing in our blog.

Issue management

Capture issues and delegate to owners to update status and manage action plans directly. Assign actions, track and remediate issues, monitor trends, and report on resolution.

Identify, delegate, remediate, and report on issues for easy oversight. Let us show you more.

Instant reporting from your SOX library on progress and outcomes—across all SOX projects. See product demo.

Centralized risk & control library

Struggling with managing thousands of risks and hundreds of controls? Build a master SOX library by process, risk, and control area—for easy roll-out and reuse across any business entity. Built-in change management cascades master control updates throughout your SOX projects.

The platform allows you to rationalize low-risk or non-key controls to avoid unnecessary work, and to harmonize controls that comply with multiple regulations.

Plus, get a real-time assurance report card on your SOX compliance.

“We do everything in ACL now. All our testing documentation is in ACL and we can send review notes and it’s linked to the specific area, the specific control that we have a question on. The status of the work project is a lot easier to track when everything is in a central location and we can just run a report and show what’s done, what’s not done, and where things are at.”

Jake Willis

Internal Audit Manager, Nu Skin

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