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Strategy & Performance Governance

Strategy shouldn’t live in slides. Operations can’t be managed in spreadsheets.

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Software that helps cascade enterprise strategy and annual priorities to operational objectives and KPIs, with real-time data automation for continuous performance monitoring.

A pragmatic performance governance program helps executives and department leaders gain confidence on achievement of strategic goals by connecting financial objectives and business strategy with operational tactics and execution.

How can ACL help you?

High-performance organizations communicate strategies and annual priorities effectively, and have real-time visibility into operations performance and results. ACL’s solution for strategy and performance governance powered by data automation can help you achieve that.

To solve for continuous process and operational improvement, our platform brings clarity, alignment, and accountability to your organization, refereeing progress and performance with data.

Strategy planning & communication

Strategy planning & communication

  • Capture and prioritize your three-year strategy plan, annual priorities, and quarterly objectives.
  • Define success metrics for annual priorities and objectives.
  • Assign operational objectives to management and monitor results of their performance.
  • Create a “tone-from-the-top” high-performance culture by delivering transparency, clarity, and accountability across the organization.
Operational alignment & accountability

Operational alignment & accountability

  • Report performance metrics for the objectives assigned to operational unit leaders in real time.
  • Roll up performance metrics to strategic goals and annual priorities to bring visibility and assurance to executives and your board.
  • Automate performance monitoring and perform root-cause analysis to continuously improve processes.
Automated KPI monitoring

Automated KPI monitoring

  • Automate data extraction from all back-office systems for analysis and reporting.
  • Present KPIs and reports within the context of strategy and operational execution.
  • Connect management performance objectives to KPIs and produce performance scorecards.
  • Deliver insightful, compelling reports that impress executives and boards.

A formal strategy execution system makes strategic success up to three times more likely

77% of successful companies


of successful companies have an established mechanism to translate their strategy into operational terms and evaluate it on a day to day basis.”

73% of successful companies


of successful companies have a formal mechanism to communicate their strategy.”

63% of successful companies


of successful companies have all their business units aligned to their overall corporate strategy.”

Why choose ACL?

Link strategic goals and annual priorities to operating units.

Strategy execution for executives

Proven tools and processes in the ACL platform enable executive leadership teams to achieve enterprise-wide strategic alignment.

  • Capture and communicate your three-year strategy, annual priorities, and quarterly goals.
  • Run strategy prioritization workshops with your executives and the board.
  • Assign measurable objectives for operating units to ensure annual priorities are being executed effectively.
  • Define the right performance metrics, and use data automation to report on KPIs in context of your organization’s strategy.
  • Produce progress reports and performance scorecards for each annual priority and establish transparency, accountability, and assurance.

Process & performance governance for operations managers

Our platform, driven by data automation, brings accountability, clarity, and engagement across all operating units to clearly demonstrate that strategy is being executed effectively.

  • Cascade annual strategy goals and priorities into SMART management objectives.
  • Define success metrics and performance indicators for each objective and assign owners.
  • Document operational processes, policies, and controls.
  • Define the right performance metrics, and use data automation to report on KPIs in context of your organization’s strategy.
  • Monitor performance and progress by measuring and analyzing data from data sources and business applications.
  • Automate data analysis and reporting to bring real-time visibility to operational results.
  • Produce a performance scorecard and feedback loop for continuous improvements.

Have transparency into the performance level of your operations and strategy execution.

Present your financial reports with up-to-date data from financial and back-office systems.

Financial process governance for finance leaders

Finance leaders need assurance that financial processes and controls are well governed. Whether these procedures are issued by regulators, internal policies, or financial management practices, ACL’s governance platform brings efficiency and improvements to operations.

  • Build financial models for forecasting revenue, capital allocation, and budget planning.
  • Automate your financial reports with visual storyboards.
  • Continuously monitor financial controls for compliance with regulations and internal policies.
  • Implement workflows for exception remediation and control performance.
  • Manage your SOX obligations.
  • Improve efficiency of the month-end close process by automating data extraction and reporting, and execution workflows with reminders and traceability.

Planning & analytics tools for Six Sigma teams

Organizations that have adopted the Six Sigma approach to focus on process improvements and variation reductions can benefit from the ACL platform to apply DMAIC Methodology.

  • Define processes, perform process walks, and capture inefficiencies.
  • Measure performance by gathering data in real time and implement tools like variance and statistical analysis.
  • Analyze process effectiveness in the context of process objectives, with visibility to results data, and perform root-cause analysis.
  • Improve processes by assigning improvement action items, and track them to completion.
  • Continuously improve processes by automating KPI reporting to ensure processes are properly managed and monitored.

Manage improvement projects and continuous improvement programs with powerful collaborative and analytics capabilities.

Monitor key performance indicators in real time, and highlight them using Storyboards.

OKRs and KPIs for any business unit

Management by objectives has been adopted by organizations for decades. More recently, objectives, and key results (OKR) continuous performance improvement methodology has gained popularity in fast-paced organizations worldwide. Using the ACL platform, your OKR implementation rolls up to your organization’s strategy and puts management objectives firmly in the context of strategy execution.

Furthermore, ACL’s data automation connects objectives to KPIs calculated in real time to determine if desired results are being delivered, investigate root causes when they are not, and manage potential course correction actions.

Elastic Path

“ACL’s Strategy tool has driven transparency and efficiency throughout our organization. Initially it streamlined our annual and quarterly planning process, but the real gains are coming from the visibility on the execution and continuous performance improvements”

Brenton Brown

Chief Financial Officer, Elastic Path

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