What’s New in ACL’s Upcoming Fall ’17 Release?

In the upcoming Fall '17 Release, ACL has invested heavily in connecting external content to your internal risk-and-control framework to the frontline owners - so you can be a well governed organization in real-time.

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Become sought-after: Earn the ACL Certified Professional (ACP) credential

Maximize the full power of ACL GRC by earning an ACL Certified Professional (ACP) credential.

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ACL delivers government organization 702% return on investment

Through implementing continuous monitoring and automation using ACL’s software platform, a government organization realized a 702% return on investment.

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Break the silos: Why higher education institutions should centralize their compliance efforts

Ensuring compliance with thousands of regulations is a burden for higher education institutions. But a coordinated approach and the right tools can make compliance a lot easier.

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Automating & streamlining your review process in Projects

In this month’s newsletter, we focus on how to automate and streamline your review process using two handy features, Sign-off and To-Do.

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How to take the time (and stress) out of reporting

Does the word "reporting" give you anxiety? You're not alone. Many governance, compliance and risk professionals spend hundreds of hours a year producing reports to fit into a specific format or template. And by the time that long, exhaustive process is finished, it's time to start on the next one. Arriving at a [...]

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ACL Bootcamp is back and better than ever! 💪

We’re bringing back ACL Bootcamp, and this time it’s better than ever. Not only are we offering Blog and Webinar content on a regular basis, there are also now two separate tracks for ACL Analytics and ACL GRC users!

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Controlling corporate cell phone costs: How we do it at ACL

Managing cell phone costs can be a notorious plague on an organization. In this post, learn how the IT team at ACL uses the ACL Platform to better manage corporate cell phone costs and avoid waste.

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GRC professionals and spreadsheets … time for a “new car”?

There are plenty of reasons why many GRC professionals still use spreadsheets, often along with MS Word Docs and SharePoint, to run their risk management and compliance processes. The problem is that the reasons are usually not very good ones.

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📺 Watch now! Best practices for managing a diverse portfolio of government audits

In a recent webinar featuring Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Director of Internal Audit and the City Auditor from City of Gainesville, Florida, they shared how implementing a purpose-built solution has supported their initiatives and the long-term sustainability of their team.

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