GRC, ERM, and the Three Lines of Defense: Is it time to redefine the model?

Dan Clark, Director of Internal Audit at Washington Trust Bank looks at how the Three Lines of Defense model could be updated in light of the rapid growth and adoption of ERM and GRC tools.

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How to transition away from a culture of dark data

Eliminating dark data from your organization will involve some change management regarding people, processes and technologies. Read about how to address these challenges.

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7 dangers of document-based auditing

While the issues with document-based auditing center around dark data, other risks also lurk. Read about the seven common dangers of document-based auditing.

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Are electronic working papers keeping you in the dark?

The problem with a digital environment is that key audit information is effectively turned into “dark data,” trapping important insights inside electronic documents. Find out how to avoid this and unlock the true value of audit data.

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How a university audit team became senior leadership’s trusted advisors

Find out about our upcoming webinar with Cornell University’s audit team. Learn how they built a solid and successful relationship with management to become trusted, sought-after advisors.

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Robotic process automation: An opportunity for auditors and financial control specialists

Robotic process automation (RPA) is not a new thing, but has experienced recent renewed interest, particularly in audit and financial control management. Don’t get left behind—discover the many advantages and opportunities RPA offers.

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