Webinar: Compliance regulation 101: How to adapt to an ever-growing regulatory environment

A consolidated compliance process has become a necessary component to the success of virtually every organization’s compliance program. With the vast number of ever-changing and ever-growing regulations, it’s more important than ever to have a central repository for all your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes. In doing so, this provides organizations with the added [...]

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ACL delivers government organization 702% return on investment

Through implementing continuous monitoring and automation using ACL’s software platform, a government organization realized a 702% return on investment.

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Move beyond a compartmentalized “silo” view of risks

Risk areas viewed in isolation can easily escalate into major problems. A coordinated risk management process enables earlier recognition of potential risks and can reduce the impact of negative outcomes.

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Break the silos: Why higher education institutions should centralize their compliance efforts

Ensuring compliance with thousands of regulations is a burden for higher education institutions. But a coordinated approach and the right tools can make compliance a lot easier.

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WATCH: Top 5 benefits of a continuous monitoring program

In this special collaboration with Compliance Week we sat down with Paul McDade, Manager of Internal Audit at TruGreen, and discussed how TruGreen successfully implemented a solution that not only identifies sales commission fraud, but also deters it.

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