Monitoring P2P transactions: How to implement data analytics

In a continuing blog series on P2P and analytics, John Verver investigates the best types of data analytics and tests to apply, as well as the best types of data to evaluate and how to source it.

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12 tips to help you “become sought after”

Taking inspiration from the theme of the 2017 ACL Connections customer conference, David Coderre details 12 steps to help you become sought-after within your organization.

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4 things your CEO wants to hear about security breaches

All IT professionals will be asked the inevitable “Are we at risk?” question some time. Read how ACL can make it easier to respond to critical cyber security risks.

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How analytics give governments greater oversight of risks and controls in P2P processes

Dealing with risks and controls in procurement processes that involve a variety of vendors is challenging and complex. Find out how data analysis can test transactions against a broad range of risk, compliance and control issues and make the process easier.

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How a university audit team became senior leadership’s trusted advisors

Find out about our upcoming webinar with Cornell University’s audit team. Learn how they built a solid and successful relationship with management to become trusted, sought-after advisors.

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How do you know if your risk management and control measures are effective?

The reality is that no control is perfect or foolproof, which means that you need to rely on your data to ensure that you are meeting your risk management requirements. Examine the tests that help you ensure your risk control measures are working.

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The Basics of Datetime Fields

With the release of ACL Analytics 10.5, time components were added to datetime fields, meaning that entire time stamps can now be analyzed! In this newsletter, we will take a look at how to deconstruct the datetime stamp and how to analyze these components to track for trends overtime or things at a macro level.

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Webinar: How To Import Excel Source Data Into ACL Analytics

In this Bootcamp webinar, we will be walking you through how to define and import your data into ACL manually and by scripting, using an Excel file as an example.

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Webinar: Basic Usage of ACL Analytics

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll show you how to get started with ACL Analytics, providing you with a tour of the user interface and demonstrating some basic analysis functions.

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Addressing a common challenge for management and for internal audit

A recent article in Computer Business Review referred to a study that surveyed some thousands of CFOs, CIOs and other business executives and professionals about their biggest management information challenge. The number one challenge was identified as the ability to carry out self-service reporting, followed closely by “the ability to pull together and analyze information [...]

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