How do you know if your risk management and control measures are effective?

The reality is that no control is perfect or foolproof, which means that you need to rely on your data to ensure that you are meeting your risk management requirements. Examine the tests that help you ensure your risk control measures are working.

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Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense

Since the emergence of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the use of technology in processes related to risks and controls has truly started to take meaningful shape in many organizations. However, when looking across the risk and control functions in most organizations, technology is still typically used on a departmental or point-solution basis.

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How to “do ERM” and actually achieve results

There is universal agreement that risk management silos are a problem and that home-grown, spreadsheet-based systems are cumbersome, resource-intensive and, often, simply not up to the job. The objective now is to shift organizational attitudes towards risk management and take an enterprise-wide, integrated approach in which the downside of risk is intelligently balanced against the upside.

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4 analytics technology drivers to magnify audit value delivery

As data analytics and automation continue to improve, here are four analytics technology drivers that merit close attention as having the biggest opportunity to magnify audit value delivery.

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How do you spell success? E… R… M

The most successful, high-performing organizations have ERM processes that share the following characteristics. Use this checklist to see how your organization measures up.

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Are data robots coming to replace the auditors?

There is not an audit team on Earth that has an adequate number of people to look at all key aspects of risk with a manual approach, and there never will be. Therefore, in the age of the digital enterprise, it is imperative we extend our reach through data and automation.

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🌟 Real-life stories of rock star auditors

Real-life stories of how rock star auditors are using the power of automation to deliver a perspective that’s much broader and more objective than what anyone else in the organization can provide.

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The role of the Chief Audit Executive in driving data analytics use

In this post, John Verver shares his insights from a recent Protiviti report and discusses the increasingly important role of the chief audit executive in driving strategic impact through the use of data analytics.

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Audit Leaders Seminar – The CAE’s Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Audit Seminar

For over a decade, the IIA’s guidance has been to implement data technology—modernizing your audit team. In departments like Operations, Marketing, and Sales operating without real-time data-driven decisions aren't tolerated today, you risk being rendered irrelevant without the same transformation. It’s not just about the technology. It’s about the methodology, processes and people that define [...]

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Finally, a breakthrough in understanding what it takes to successfully implement audit analytics!

John Verver discusses the 2017 North America Pulse of Internal Audit report from the Institute of Internal Audit’s (IIA) Audit Executive Center, and how it addresses the need for data analytics in organizations.

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