Audit Leaders Seminar – The CAE’s Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Audit Seminar

For over a decade, the IIA’s guidance has been to implement data technology—modernizing your audit team. In departments like Operations, Marketing, and Sales operating without real-time data-driven decisions aren't tolerated today, you risk being rendered irrelevant without the same transformation. It’s not just about the technology. It’s about the methodology, processes and people that define [...]

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Finally, a breakthrough in understanding what it takes to successfully implement audit analytics!

John Verver discusses the 2017 North America Pulse of Internal Audit report from the Institute of Internal Audit’s (IIA) Audit Executive Center, and how it addresses the need for data analytics in organizations.

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📺 Watch now! Best practices for managing a diverse portfolio of government audits

In a recent webinar featuring Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Director of Internal Audit and the City Auditor from City of Gainesville, Florida, they shared how implementing a purpose-built solution has supported their initiatives and the long-term sustainability of their team.

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We ❤️ webinars! Here are two you don’t want to miss

We have a couple of exciting webinars lined up that you don’t want to miss!

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3 ways internal audit can really annoy executives and business managers (and how to avoid them!)

Nobody wants to cause business leaders to roll their eyes and consider audit processes and reports as just one more challenge to endure. Let’s also look at some best practices that can help auditors add the most value and be seen in a whole new light.

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New Industry Research Study Finds ACL’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Management System Achieves ROI of More Than 400 Percent

ACL today announced an independent study found an international airport management organization that deployed the firm’s full data-driven audit and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management platform achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 402 percent. It also considerably improved the organization’s operational efficiency. ACL commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct “The Total Economic Impact™ of ACL” study in December 2016.

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Free success kit for audit leaders

We’ve distilled some essential resources into a kit that will help audit leaders navigate the process of selecting new technology with total confidence.

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Live Webinar! Death of the Tickmark, Birth of the Rockstar Internal Auditor

Join us for a 60-minute webinar where Dan Zitting, Chief Product Officer at ACL and former rockstar Internal Auditor, will cover: What it takes to be a rockstar auditor. Next generation audit techniques. Tools that will eliminate your 'tickmark time' and drive real value within your organization Date: January 12, 2017 Time: 10:00 AM PDT | [...]

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What’s trending in risk management for 2017: Enterprise risk management…or “list” management?

John Verver gives 5 predictions of what will trend in the world of ERM this coming year.

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How good is the quality of your internal audit process—really? (And what you need to know about the impact of technology on QAR and QAIP)

John Verver discusses how internal audit teams can drive change and best practices through the guidance of the Institute of Internal Audit’s Quality Assessment Reviews and Quality Assurance and Improvement Program.

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