ACL delivers government organization 702% return on investment

Through implementing continuous monitoring and automation using ACL’s software platform, a government organization realized a 702% return on investment.

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Break the silos: Why higher education institutions should centralize their compliance efforts

Ensuring compliance with thousands of regulations is a burden for higher education institutions. But a coordinated approach and the right tools can make compliance a lot easier.

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Four reasons government organizations shouldn’t fear moving to the cloud

To ease some of the fear and misperceptions surrounding the mandated move of federal agencies’ IT systems into the cloud, here are the top four ways cloud is, in actuality, more secure than legacy systems.

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ACL Survey Finds Government Agencies Underperform on Fraud Detection & Reporting

Government agencies performed significantly worse than the business sector on fraud detection and mitigation, according to a new survey. Less than one third of government respondents said the majority of fraud is detected and less than half said fraud that is detected ever gets reported, compared to 42 percent and 60 percent of respondents from the commercial sector, respectively.

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The power of data analytics in detecting, assessing, and preventing fraud

Data analytics is an increasingly critical element of conducting fraud risk management. In this blog, Dave Coderre, President of CAATS, looks at the landscape of fraud risk management, including fraud assessment, monitoring, and investigations, and the key elements of these, in light of a number of guiding reports and best practices.

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How to keep government procurement fraud in check: 4 steps to help you manage the mitigation process

In this post, ACL's Nonie Dalton discusses how to keep government procurement fraud in check and gives four simple steps to help you manage the mitigation process.

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📺 Watch now! Best practices for managing a diverse portfolio of government audits

In a recent webinar featuring Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Director of Internal Audit and the City Auditor from City of Gainesville, Florida, they shared how implementing a purpose-built solution has supported their initiatives and the long-term sustainability of their team.

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We ❤️ webinars! Here are two you don’t want to miss

We have a couple of exciting webinars lined up that you don’t want to miss!

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The opioid crisis: Why dangerous drugs are overprescribed and how healthcare GRC professionals can help save lives

The prescription drug epidemic is huge…but what can the GRC professional do about it? With proper data management and access to multiple sources of data, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals have a unique ability to tap sought-after insight into the root cause of issues, using data analytics, mapping and visualizations.

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Mitigating procurement fraud risk: How to keep your government contractors out of negative news headlines

In this post, ACL's Nonie Dalton discusses why procurement fraud is a risk that everyone needs to mitigate, and shares ways to look for procurement fraud in your organization.

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