Public Sector

Be true to your loyal constituents. Be prudent with your reputation and stamp out fraud, waste and abuse.

Be accountable to your mission and the public.

Whether your mandate is around education, infrastructure or benefits spend, using a sound framework combined with technology can help you to get organized and provide structure to help you deal with key issues.
Be accountable to your mission and the public by providing those much needed public services and benefits instead of being drowned by process inefficiencies, loopholes and transaction volume. Use ACL’s integrated analytics and workflow software to help mitigate risks, identify opportunities for cost savings, and stop fund leakage.

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Public Sector Oversight

Demonstrate accountability and always be audit ready.
Provide monitoring, oversight and assurance for public funding expenditures, revenues, human services, capital, assets, contracting and procurement.

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Public Sector Workflow

Stamp out fraud, waste and abuse of expenditures, entitlements and services.
Plan, execute and report on projects to protect expenditures of services and benefits with a workflow that excels in your resource-strapped reality.

Access SAP Data

Still wondering what a BKPF table is?
Be your IT team’s new best friend. Our certified SAP data connector makes exploring and extracting data from SAP easy. Map and translate your goldmine of SAP data into meaningfully named fields.

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Audit Analytics

Stuck analyzing complex data with nothing but a spreadsheet, rubber band and stick of gum? Stop wasting time MacGyvering the wrong tools to analyze data.

With our 25 years of global analytic dominance, you can break free from sampling, analyze 100% of your dataset, and provide career-changing insight.

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OMB A-123

Stay on the White House’s good side.

Model the entity structure of your federal agency, create a repeatable framework of your internal controls, assign testing to capture design and effectiveness, and easily track status along the way to your PMO office to stay compliant with the Circular.

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Gotta go full CSI forensics on a case? Solve the case with discretion and data.

Streamline investigations and find the needle in the haystack of evidence.

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IT Audit Readiness

The auditors are coming! Get your IT house in order before audit does.

Easily manage your systems and information security controls in one place to confidently prepare for your next audit.

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Spend Risk Management

Make sure your right hand knows what your left hand is doing.

Through analytics, gain visibility and understanding of your spend so you can establish control over all of your organization’s operating expenses.

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Financial Control Monitoring

Is ignorance really bliss? Know more so you can reduce cash leaks and audit costs, and improve working capital.

Assurance over material financial processes and planning arms you with the insight you need to improve your operations.

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P2P Monitoring

P2P is complex, and vendors make mistakes. Check, before you end up paying for them.

Increase visibility over your entire procurement process by using analytics to compare huge volumes of transactions across multiple business systems with complex authorization processes, before they add up to material seven-figure losses to fraud, waste or misuse.

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Payroll Monitoring

Are you paying ghost benefits? If you're not monitoring, you can't be sure.

Continuously monitor payroll to eliminate ghost benefits, overpayment schemes, commission schemes, and unauthorized employee changes—and keep opex on track.

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Supply Chain Oversight

Don't count on your vendors to manage your reputation. Get supply chain oversight.

Large global organizations or government agencies can have thousands of vendors in their supply chain. Keep an inventory of your vendors, contracts, policies, risks and run analytics against performance to get a handle on their performance and your reputation.

Government Entitlement Oversight

Reputational integrity is equally important as cold hard cash.
Get the oversight you need on entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits Administration, federal and military retirement plans, unemployment, food stamps, and agricultural support.

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Operational Risk: Government

Government takes on the biggest risks in society and provides critical services. The risk? Mistakes are broadcast on the evening news.
Model your existing legislation, regulations and current agency policies using ACL technology to optimize operational government activity to make sure you’re covered as a good news story.

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Reputational Integrity

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation...and only one bad deed to destroy it.
Gain oversight across all of your systems, material processes and people to pragmatically protect your reputation.

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Government Tax Oversight

From municipal to county to state/provincial/regional and national, government agencies and authorities are due tax revenues with more than 6, 9 or 12 zeroes. Make sure your revenues aren’t missing a comma.

Auditors, Inspector Generals and other eAudit specialists around the globe need X-ray vision for tax data oversight. Let ACL software help improve your department’s X-ray vision to protect tax revenue from fraud, errors and abuse.

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